COVID-19 Coronavirus Information
For a brief summary of information about the COVID-19 Coronovirus, please download and read the following PDF file:




Updates and Useful Links on COVID-19 Coronavirus

San Diego County Public Health information

For people who want a lot of data, this is a reliable source updated in real time

Parenting Resources for COVID-19

State Disability and Unemployment FAQs

Current COVID-19 test turnaround time for our office: 48 hours

Most recent update: 3/29/20

If you have fever, respiratory symptoms and think you may have been exposed to 2019 novel coronavirus – please call before you come in and do not walk in. We will schedule a Telehealth visit for Dr. Chou to screen you and then arrange for you to come to the office if you need to receive coronavirus testing.

WE ARE OPEN. We strongly encourage you to schedule a Telehealth online visit if possible rather than coming in to the office. If you do need to come to the office, ALL patients MUST call the office from your car. We will come out to screen you prior to bringing you in.

For the meantime, for your health and safety, we are postponing all routine physical examinations and non-urgent procedures.